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Report Child Abuse in Nebraska

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BraveBe Child Advocacy Center’s Training & Prevention program was developed in 2015 to proactively address child abuse through high quality curriculum that educates the community on warning signs of abuse, appropriate response to disclosure, prevention measures, and other trauma-informed topics.

Each year, BraveBe provides over 200 training opportunities to parents, youth-serving organizations, faith-based communities, law enforcement, educators, medical and mental health professionals, athletic departments and other groups upon request.

The Training & Prevention program seeks to:

  • Educate adults on child abuse by teaching applicable skills on how to recognize and report child abuse, and how to support a child during and after a disclosure
  • Promote practical ways to protect children by educating adults on how to talk to children about body safety, boundaries, and sexual abuse.
  • Teach real-world ways to keep children safe in the digital world.
  • Create time and space to empower survivors through public and private platforms. BraveBe recognizes and deeply respects that each survivor’s journey is their own.

What our community is saying about BraveBe Child Advocacy Center's trainings:

"Just wanted to say Thank You so much for the training you provided. Not only will it help me with my girls but will also benefit the families I work with in child welfare!" - Parent and Child Welfare Worker

"Thank you so much for giving your presentation to my class. It hit home because I have been [to BraveBe Child Advocacy Center] before. BraveBe will be forever in my heart. Thank you for helping it make sense to me." - Middle School Student

"Thank you for coming to our Middle School to share information about health relationships and dating. ALL students need this information so they can become strong and confident friends and partners. Being able to spot red flags and seeing that everyone should treat others like they want to be treated is valuable information to help teens grow and be respectful and responsible." - Nebraska Teacher

"Thank you so much for giving your time and talent to our State Conference. Your presentation on reacting and responding to child abuse and neglect provided invaluable information to our CASA volunteers and staff." - Anonymous Conference Attendee