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Report Child Abuse in Nebraska

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Employment Opportunities

We are hiring for a Training & Outreach Coordinator! The Training & Outreach Coordinator is responsible for researching, developing and adapting, child safety curriculum to train in the community. The Training & Outreach Coordinator is essential to fostering and building new relationships with a focus on providing trainings to BraveBe partner agencies, community professionals, parents, and children. This position performs outreach in the 16 rural counties in BraveBe service area. Read more about and apply for the Training & Outreach Coordinator position.

We are hiring for a Grant Writer! The Grant Writer supports the financial health of BraveBe Child Advocacy Center by researching, writing, and reporting on grants that support direct services, operational expenses, strategic initiatives, and the current and ongoing capital expansion needs. The Grant Writer researches local and national foundations that align with BraveBe Child Advocacy Center’s mission, generating a comprehensive list of upcoming funding opportunities and deadlines. The Grant Writer works in tandem with the Director of Donor Engagement & Philanthropy to speak directly with potential funders to best understand their priorities and potential partnership with BraveBe Child Advocacy Center. Read more about and apply for the Grant Writer position.

We are hiring for a Part Time PRN Sexual Assault Nurse ExaminerThe Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner is responsible conducting sexual abuse evaluations for children suspected of having been abused in compliance with the National Children’s Alliance Standards for Accredited Members. This position may include 0-8 hours per week, as needed. The Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner reports directly to Medical Program Manager.  Read more about and apply for the PRN Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner position.

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A note from Executive Director, Paige Piper:

BraveBe Child Advocacy Center employs a dedicated team of professionals committed to making a difference for child victims of abuse and their families. Employment here is challenging and rewarding.

BraveBe Child Advocacy Center is fortunate to partner with numerous agencies in our community, including law enforcement, Nebraska Health and Human Services, county attorneys, and mental health services. Through our collaborative efforts we seek to improve outcomes for child victims, understanding that each Center serves as an important piece of the larger puzzle.

Over the years, BraveBe has become both a noun and a verb. There are times our multidisciplinary team members refer to “CAC-ing” a child. That speaks volumes to the importance of the work we do. BraveBe is so much more than a place; it’s a lifeline for children and families who are facing their hardest days; it’s a phone call in the middle of the night to a caring team that conducts an emergency interview; it’s a board game between a child and their advocate during a scary criminal trial; it’s hours of questions being answered, tears being wiped, and connecting families to restorative resources like therapy. BraveBe is the light when everything around a child feels dark. It’s unwavering support by a first-class team who put children first, always.

BraveBe Child Advocacy Center is special because of our dedicated team. The work is intense and emotional, yet the care and compassion of the staff ensure that children and families are not alone when navigating the intimidating criminal justice system and recovery process. We hold our employees to high standards of integrity and accountability because what we do matters.

--Paige Piper