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Board of Directors

Board of Directors Application

Board Member Agreement

As a board member of BraveBe Child Advocacy Center, I am fully committed to the mission of the organization.  I understand that my duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • I understand the mission and values of BraveBe Child Advocacy Center and promise to always “put kids first” in my decision making.
  • I, along with my fellow board members, am fiscally responsible for this organization.  I will know what our budget is and take an active part in reviewing, approving, and monitoring the budget and fundraising efforts to meet it.
  • I will regularly attend and participate in board meetings, be available for phone consultation as needed, and serve on at least one committee or work group of the board.
  • I will participate in new member board orientation.
  • I will share resources and talents with BraveBe Child Advocacy Center, including my professional expertise as well as my connections in the community for potential financial support or in-kind contributions to the BraveBe.
  • I will avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interests.
  • I will maintain the confidentiality of the private information of BraveBe Child Advocacy Center staff, clients, and other board members.
  • I will actively engage in fundraising for BraveBe Child Advocacy Center in whatever ways are best suited for me.  These may include individual or corporate solicitations, promoting BraveBe in my workplace or in other organizations I am a part of, writing mail appeals, and attending special events.
  • I will give a financial donation, either as a one-time gift each year, or I may pledge to give several times during the year.
  • I will actively promote BraveBe Child Advocacy Center, encourage and support its Executive Director and staff, and work in concert with other board members.
  • I agree that in the event I can no longer fulfill my duties and responsibilities as a board member of BraveBe Child Advocacy Center, I will immediately notify the board president to offer my resignation.

BraveBe Child Advocacy Center is grateful for your service and commitment to the mission of our organization and agrees to provide each member of the board with the following:

  • Access to the Executive Director and Leadership Team as needed for additional information, assistance or clarification
  • Ample notice of all board and committee meetings
  • Minutes of all board and standing committee meetings
  • Monthly financial reports reconciled by an outside accountant
  • Notification of any critical incidents to the attention of the board president and board members in a timely manner
  • Relevant materials to assist board members in making informed decisions on behalf of the organization
  • Provide indemnification from liability for a board member’s reasonable and necessary actions through Director and Officer’s insurance liability coverage renewed annually, to the extent allowed by law.
  • Utilize each board member’s time and talents effectively