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Report Child Abuse in Nebraska

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Case Coordination

Legislative Bill 1184 was introduced in 1992 and required a cooperative, complementary response by all agencies responsible for protecting children including law enforcement, child advocacy centers, prosecutors, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

A functioning and effective multidisciplinary team is the foundation of a Children’s Advocacy Center.  BraveBe Case Coordinators work closely with the multidisciplinary teams in the 17 counties of our service area.  A Multidisciplinary Team is a group of professionals from specific, distinct disciplines that collaborates from the point of report and throughout a child and family’s involvement with BraveBe.  Multidisciplinary teams coordinate intervention so as to reduce potential trauma to children and families and improve services overall, while preserving and respecting the rights, mandates and obligations of each agency.  BraveBe Case Coordinators also work with the multidisciplinary teams to develop protocols and provide training opportunities.

Lincoln/Lancaster County Investigation Team, Treatment Team, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Team:
Contact Jayme Buckley

Investigation and Treatment Teams for our rural counties:
Contact Jerrica Mannix